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Founded in 2011, IDEIA is a research institute specializing in public opinion and strategy. Our innovative way of conducting research, conceived by a team of specialists from the most diverse areas, empowers our clients to make better strategic decisions and deepens the relationship with their target audience.

Our work is internationally recognized, thanks to cases carried out in countries such as South Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Spain, United States, Philippines, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Uruguay and Venezuela.


In order to guarantee results with a higher degree of reliability, precision, and optimization of resources, the IDEIA Research Institute uses several tools: data intelligence in the pre-research phase, the use of traditional and modern research techniques, and the use of several sources of information throughout the process. 


The Institute works with research, data analysis, and monitoring methodologies.

Quantitative Research

  • Face-to-face surveys (flow point and residential)

  • Digital surveys via Mobile Panel (app)

  • Telephone surveys (CATI AND URA)

  • Dashboards, tracking and/or hybrids

Qualitative Research

  • Face-to-face and digital focus groups

  • Usability tests

  • In-depth interviews

  • Usage diary

Data analysis Quali&Quanti 

  • Digital Environment Monitoring

  • Narrative Thermometer

  • Digital Diagnosis

  • Digital Strategy


Digital Strategy Consulting

The combination between the extensive technical knowledge and practical experience of our specialists resulted in a unique methodology and training to work with segmented public communication focused on the digital environment. The method consists of a 4-step application: 


​Planning strategies for social engagement

  • Scenario analysis

  • Identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)

  • Goal Setting (SMART)


Scalable lead generation strategy

  • Definition of channels;

  • Manual of how to generate leads in social networks;

  • Brand Content Planning


Management of
data base

  • Organization, cleaning and enrichment of the database.


Quantitative and qualitative monitoring

  • Identification of the main guidelines

  • Strategic inputs for previous steps

  • Goal control


Impact Evaluation

With the expertise of the most renowned specialists in the field, our team performs all stages of the qualitative and quantitative research process, from formulation to the complete execution of impact evaluation of social actions and public policies. 


This evaluation ensures greater transparency of social projects, exposing whether and how the resources are reflected in the lives of the recipients. 

Avaliação de Impacto
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