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Moving People

Market research,
impact evaluation and digital strategy consulting. 

With a team experienced in data intelligence and communication tools, we deliver 360 analyses that enable agile and efficient actions.


The IDEIA Research Institute will expand your understanding of the target audience and provide the insights needed to maximize this relationship. We innovate when conducting research, combining traditional and modern techniques. This integration ensures the accuracy of the data and the precision of the analysis of our team of specialists, resulting in diagnoses, solutions and recommendations that assist in decision-making and strategic directions. 

What we do


Data intelligence and methodologies suited to the needs of each client.

Impact Evaluation

Mediation of the impact of social actions and public policies, ensuring the necessary transparency.

Digital Strategy Consulting

Technical and practical basis that elevates public communication in the digital environment.


Focus on public opinion research and analysis

National and international performance tracking

Integration of data analysis in different dimensions: opinion research and digital environment

Highly specialized team in public opinion


The survey results surprised us because it is a subject that is little covered by the press and is difficult to access. The IDEIA Institute carried out the planned activities efficiently and quickly and helped us a lot to translate the main questions in order to make them accessible to the general public, as well as in the strategies for dissemination and communication of the products. The results generated several new insights for our work and will be very important to resume the debate on this very important topic, of climate change.

Pedro Soares IDESAM Climate Change Manager

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